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Kettle Helm


The kettle helm in some form or another saw action all across Western European battlefields for several centuries, and is still one of the most easily recognized of medieval helms still seen today. This type of helm went on to inspire the British 'Brodie' Helm of WWI fame, (The ones produced in the United States are oftimes referred to as 'Doughboy' Helms.), and later Civil Defense helms from many nations, both during WWII, and the Cold War. This particular design will fit just about anywhere from the late 13th to early 16th century, depending on historical locale, and is well suited to any fantasy campaign as well.


Its fiberglass construction makes it rigid and impact resistant, yet lightweight, and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time during stage presentations, Renaissance Faire participation, for Halloween costumes, and will stand up to foam weapon combat (such as Amtguard).