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110 W. Division St.

Ishpeming, MI 49849


M.I.R. (Jungle)
(Mechanized Infantry Replacement)


The Mechanized Infantry Replacement is the Grand Serpent Army's solution to their ever present manpower problem. Although unpopular with the regular troops, they have proved formidable opponents in the field, with an excellent combat record. The basic combat M.I.R. sports a titanium alloy chassis, and a miniature nuclear fuel cell capable of powering the unit for up to 20 years before a replacement fuel cell needs to be installed. They are incredibly survivable, being able to absorb incredible amounts of damage before being brought down, or taken offline. As relentless as a hurricane, and as unyielding as a glacier, M.I.R. are infinitely loyal. They obey orders without question, do not eat, sleep, or complain after marching all day, and they never, ever surrender or retreat. The downside is that their friend or foe sensors are prone to malfunction, and at times they will ruthlessly hose down anything in an engagement area, regardless of uniform, or faction. This makes them very unpopular with any friendly troops fighting in the vicinity, as they are then faced with the old army adage, 'Friendly fire isn't!' The other main downside is the slim chance for a sudden catastrophic meltdown if their heavily armored fuel cell was to suffer a direct hit that negates its ability to scram. A nuclear reactor, no matter how small, is the last thing you want to be next to when it goes critical. While this has only happened on two known occasions, the resulting carnage on site, and the subsequent horrors faced by those who suffered from radiation poisoning stand as a testament to why the M.I.R. is feared almost equally by both sides during a firefight.