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110 W. Division St.

Ishpeming, MI 49849


Pit Viper Scarlet Sentry


These fearsome foes are handpicked from some of the worst, most despicable walks of life. Used car salesmen, televangelists, meter maids, and power mad small town politicians. They may not be proficient at slinging bullets, but they can bury you under a mountain of paperwork (ofttimes in triplicate) They can be found skulking around many Pit Viper administration buildings, tend to spend most of their waking hours trying to peddle worthless junk, or lie their way into small offices, and congregate around the unit water cooler. They take great pride in their petty ambition, and shallow greed fuelled existence. That used car dealer that ripped off your mom? That whiny local politician that lining their pockets with the blood of your town? The repo guy who drove off laughing at your misfortune?
Chances are you just encountered a Scarlet Sentry hard at play...